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Partial Discharge Free AC Hipot Test System

Partial Discharge Free Hipot Tester
PD free Hipot Tester
Partial Discharge AC Dielectric Test Set

Product Description


Partial Discharge Free AC Hipot Test System is suitable for insulation withstand voltage test, partial discharge test and accuracy test of GIS, GIL power equipment with high voltage and large capacity. It is an essential device for preventive tests and factory tests for GIS substations, GIS, GIL power equipment manufacturers, basin insulators, and insulation structural component manufacturers.

By adding a high-voltage bushing interface to this equipment, high voltage can be led out, allowing various high-voltage tests to be conducted on traditional high-voltage equipment.


  1. High voltage is fully sealed in a shielded space,ensuring safe and reliable experiments.
  2. The overall partial discharge can be controlled within 1-3 pc.
  3. It has a small volume,occupying the minimum space and lightweight components.
  4. Built-in high voltage isolation switch enables multi-purpose use.
  5. Easy to connect,directly connected to the test sample,making experiments more convenient.
  6. Capable of withstanding long-distance transportation with a sturdy and durable structure.
  7. Reduced requirements for system power capacity.


  1. Voltage levels:100kV,200kV,250kV,300kV,500kV,800kV,1000kV.
  2. Capacity:50-2000kVA
  3. Methods of high voltage generation:High voltage transformer boosting and series resonance(power frequency,variable frequency),all boosting methods are single-stage boosting without cascade boosting.
  4. Input voltage(primary voltage):0.35-10kV
  5. Partial discharge amount of equipment:1-3 pc under rated voltage(normal environment)
  6. Temperature rise:The temperature rise does not exceed 65k when the rated current operates for 60 minutes(50Hz).