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HMCJ-300kV/20kJ Lightning Impulse Voltage Generator

Lightning Impulse Voltage Withstand Test;
High Voltage Impulse Generator;

Product Description


impulse voltage generator is mainly used to test the impulse voltage of lightning impulse voltage full wave, lightning impulse voltage chopped wave and operating impulse voltage wave for testing insulation performance.


  1. Fully operation automatically,automatic discharge
  2. Can trace the gap distance,and adjust the gap
  3. Using the oscilloscope produced by Tektronix
  4. Automatically read the test data during the test,analyze and calculate,and display useful test information  such as waveform parameters(wavefront time,half-wave time,Q and W/R,etc.),current amplitude and limiting  voltage;
  5. Can bear large load
  6. Higher voltage efficiency


  1. Nominal stage:Can be customized,such as 300kV,600kV,1200kV,etc.
  2. Rated voltage stage:Normally100kV
  3. Rated Charging voltage:Normally100kV
  4. Nominal energy:Can be customized,such as 10KJ,20KJ,30KJ,etc.
  5. Total impact capacitance:Can be customized according to tested object
  6. Waveform also could be customized except regular waveform shapes.