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HMCJ-1600kV/160kJ Impulse Voltage Test System

Multi Stage Impulse Generator;
High Voltage Impulse Generator;

Product Description


Multistage impulse generator is a test equipment to simulate the high voltage of pulse. In real life, pulse high voltage is often encountered. For example, in nature, lightning strikes, the lightning will appear very high pulse current and voltage, the surrounding will also sense a very high pulse voltage, and in the power system, the switching equipment in the joint operation will also lead to transient pulse voltage. These transient pulse voltage amplitudes are often in the tens of thousands of kV or more, which will cause equipment damage and endanger personal safety, so it is necessary to conduct test studies on shock voltage. On the other hand, it is very meaningful to simulate the natural lightning phenomenon to carry out the study of discharge mechanism.


  1. Fully operation automatically,automatic discharge,automatic change the polarity
  2. Can trace the gap distance,and adjust the gap
  3. Fully-closed shell,safety and decrease the discharge voice to the operator’s harmful
  4. Using the oscilloscope produced by Tektronix
  5. Automatically read the test data during the test,analyze and calculate,and display useful test information  such as waveform parameters(wavefront time,half-wave time,Q and W/R,etc.),current amplitude and limiting voltage;
  6. Can bear large load
  7. Higher voltage efficiency


  1. Nominal stage : Can be customized,such as 300kV, 600kV, 1200kV, 1600kv,2400kv etc.
  2. Rated voltage stage: Normally ±100kV
  3. Rated Charging voltage: Normally ±100kV
  4. Nominal energy: Can be customized,such as 10KJ, 20KJ, 30KJ, 40kv,.120kv,etc.
  5. Total impact capacitance: Can be customized according to tested object
  6. Waveform also could be customized except regular waveform shapes.