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HMFRC-200kv HV Divider

Capacitive High Voltage Divider;
High Voltage Capacitor Divider;
Voltage Divider For High Voltag;

Product Description


Capacitor voltage divider as one of the high voltage measurement system, it  is suitable for pulse high voltage, lightning high voltage and power frequency high voltage measurement. And our HV divider is also can applied in the partial discharge high voltage test , it can make as pd free capacitance high voltage divider , pd level could be controlled within 3 pC, most are oil-filled and sf6 gas types. For lower voltage divider, also can make it as dry type.


  1. Capacitor voltage divider is directly connected with high voltage measuring end,which can realize long  distance clear reading,safe and convenient to use.
  2. Small size,light weight,easy to carry,suitable for site inspection.
  3. The input impedance of the high voltage measuring system of the capacitor divider is high and the linearity  is good.The special shielding technology is adopted to reduce the influence of the high voltage on the indication value and to realize the high stability and high linearity.
  4. The instrument uses imported filling materials to make the structure smaller,lighter weight,higher reliability  and lower internal partial discharge.Small size,light weight,easy to carry,for the site inspection work to bring great convenience.
  5. Partial discharge level could be within 3~5Pc.
  6. Dry type,oil-fiiled and sf6 gas type,all specification could be customized


Model HMFRC-50 HMFRC-100 HMFRC-200 HMFRC-300 HMFRC-400
Measuring voltage Range 0~50kV 0~100kV 0~200kV 0~300kV 0~400kV
Rated voltage DC 50kV 100kV 200kV 300kV 400kV
RMS 50kV 100kV 200kV 300kV 400kV
Peak 71kvP 142kvP 283kvP 424kvP 566kvP
    Partial pressure ratio
(Load Impedance 1MΩ 500PF)
500:1 1000:1 2000:1 3000:1 4000:1
Voltage divider Input Impedance 200MΩ
Measurement accuracy of KV table DC(DC) ±(0.5%+2 digits)
AC(AC) ±(1%+2 digits)
Average ±(1%+2 digits)
Peak/ 2 ±(1%+2 digits)
Peak ±(2%+2 digits)
Display 4-digit LCD display
Input Impedance: 1MΩ Level signal: 100V
Power supply AC power 220V 50Hz
Voltage divider Φ110×480 Φ110×720 Φ110×1000 Φ110×1450 Φ120×2200
Weight(kg) 5 8 15 25 40
Total weight(kg) 10 15 25 40 60
More specification can be customized