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HMFRC High Voltage Capacitor Divider

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AC/DC High Voltage Divider;
Capacitive High Voltage Divider;

Product Description


Voltage divider is a special instrument for high voltage measurement,which can measure both dc high voltage and power frequency AC high voltage.
The whole equipment consists of two parts:voltage divider and measuring instrument.The voltage divider adopts the balanced equipotential shielding structure,and the whole device has the characteristics of accurate test,good linearity,stable performance,reasonable structure,easy to carry,simple operation and intuitive display.


  1. Capacitive divider,With high precision,convenient operation and easy to move with wheels.
  2. The high voltage arm of one voltage divider is composed of multiple stacks of high voltage capacitors,and  the other high voltage arm has only one capacitor.
  3. A high voltage oil paper capacitor is assembled by multiple elements in series and parallel,each element not  only has a capacitor,but also a series of inherent inductance and contact resistance,and parallel insulation  resistance,of course,each element has a stray capacitance.
  4. The high accuracy voltage meter can display DC,AC RMS(RMS),AC peak(PEAK)and peak/√2.
  5. Voltage meter is with strong anti-interference capability,it can customize the functions according to the  client’s requirements.


Model HMFRC-50 HMFRC-100 HMFRC-200 HMFRC-300 HMFRC-400
Measuring voltage Range 0~50kV 0~100kV 0~200kV 0~300kV 0~400kV
Rated voltage DC 50kV 100kV 200kV 300kV 400kV
RMS 50kV 100kV 200kV 300kV 400kV
Peak 71kvP 142kvP 283kvP 424kvP 566kvP
    Partial pressure ratio
(Load Impedance 1MΩ 500PF)
500:1 1000:1 2000:1 3000:1 4000:1
Voltage divider Input Impedance 200MΩ
Measurement accuracy of KV table DC(DC) ±(0.5%+2 digits)
AC(AC) ±(1%+2 digits)
Average ±(1%+2 digits)
Peak/ 2 ±(1%+2 digits)
Peak ±(2%+2 digits)
Display 4-digit LCD display
Input Impedance: 1MΩ Level signal: 100V
Power supply AC power 220V 50Hz
Voltage divider Φ110×480 Φ110×720 Φ110×1000 Φ110×1450 Φ120×2200
Weight(kg) 5 8 15 25 40
Total weight(kg) 10 15 25 40 60
More specification can be customized