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AC High Voltage Test Transformer System

PD AC High Voltage Test Set
Power Frequency AC High Voltage Test Set
Discharge Free High Voltage Test Set

Product Description


Power frequency discharge free HV test set is used for or partial discharge and power frequency withstand test , checking the insulation level of power-frequency voltage for all kinds of insulation materials and electric products, which is widely used in electric products manufactures, electric power operation departments, scientific research institutions, colleges & universities.It is a necessary equipment for all walks of high voltage testing.


  1. No partial discharge epoxy insulation cylinder with small partial discharge.
  2. Low impedance voltage, better than the national standard.
  3. Automatic control technology, high degree of automation, strong anti-interference ability.
  4. With fast electronic protection device, high reliability.different test object requirements. Multifunctional ,cost effective.
  5. Wide series of capacitance & perfect in functions & simple operation
  6. Partial discharge figure and data can be saved and printed out, automatically generating test report


  1. Rated Capacity: 5-1000 kVA
  2. Output Voltage: 0-1000 kV
  3. Output Voltage waveform: power frequency sine wave
  4. Input voltage: AC 220V/380V
  5. Partial discharge volume: ≤5PC under rated voltage
  6. No load loss: 0.2%-0.35%