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Why is the frequency for Variable Frequency AC Resonant Test System withstand voltage tests on trans

Apr. 12, 2024

  Transformer Variable Frequency AC Resonant Test System withstand voltage requires a power frequency voltage for testing,so a frequency of 45-65 is required!!

Variable Frequency AC Resonant Test System

  Product Overview

  The TPXB-B series substation electrical equipment AC withstand voltage frequency modulation series resonance device is mainly designed and manufactured for the AC withstand voltage test of primary electrical equipment in 220KV and below substations.It can meet the AC withstand voltage test of capacitive equipment such as transformers,GIS systems,SF6 switches,cables,and bushings according to regulatory requirements.It can meet the requirements of high voltage and low current equipment testing conditions,as well as low voltage and high current equipment testing conditions.It has a wide range of applications and is an ideal withstand voltage equipment for local,municipal,and county-level high-voltage testing departments and power installation and repair engineering units.

  Equipment composition

  HMBP type variable frequency control power supply

  HMYD series excitation transformer

  HMDK series reactors

  HMFC series capacitor voltage divider

  ◆HMC series high-voltage capacitors

  By connecting to the DZCL series high-voltage rectifier silicon stack and the H9840 DC digital microampere meter,the equipment's DC withstand voltage test can be completed.Due to the excellent filtering characteristics of the system after resonance,the DC voltage generated is superior to the DC voltage rectified by ordinary test transformers.

  Product features

  Easy to operate.The three modes of manual testing(manual search for resonance points and manual boosting),automatic tuning(automatic search for resonance points),and automatic testing(automatic search for resonance points and automatic boosting)are suitable for different testing requirements

  ◆Small partial discharge,high Q value,and wide frequency modulation range.

  There is no transient overvoltage after flash soldering of the test sample.

  This device is uniquely designed.The test voltage of high-voltage composite electrical appliances is high,but the test current is small.The test voltage of high-voltage cables is relatively low compared to high-voltage composite electrical appliances,but the test current greatly increases.Therefore,this type of frequency modulation resonance device divides the reactor into n sections,which can output high voltage/low current in series and lower voltage/high current in parallel.

  ◆It is entirely possible to expect conventional test transformers to complete the AC withstand voltage test in the substation.The required power supply capacity for the test is small,which is 1/20-1/30 times the test capacity,and can solve the problem of transformer power supply capacity being smaller than the test capacity.

  ◆The test has a wide range and can be used for AC vibration resistance tests on CT,PT,starting point,circuit breaker,insulator,neutral point of busbar transformer,etc.

  ◆Lightweight,single piece weight≤40kg,easy to move,extremely convenient for ready to use testing.

  The device can conduct tests on on-site XLPE cross-linked polyethylene cables with a voltage level of 1200mm2 and a length of up to 10 kilometers.

  ◆Large screen display of test data,status,and real-time operation step prompts

  ◆Adopting our company's proprietary 16 bit fine frequency modulation and voltage regulation software professional technology,11KHZ carrier frequency,SPWM,and imported original IPM overall module.By cooperating with appropriate reactors,the frequency range specified by the national and local power departments can be met,and the whole machine is ahead of similar products at home and abroad.

  Software fine tuning and voltage regulation.