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What requirements do the resistors of the impulse voltage generator need to meet

Apr. 27, 2024

  1.The pressure resistance should be high enough.If the voltage resistance is not sufficient,it will cause corona discharge on the surface of the component or arc discharge along the surface,which will cause temporary failure or permanent damage to the resistance.
impulse voltage generator
  2.The resistance value should be large enough,but it is not necessarily better.In the case of a power supply voltage of 10-20KV,a value of 1M~2MΩis generally more suitable.In the case of a power supply voltage of 20KV~40KV,2M~3M is more suitable.

  3.The length of the resistor should be long enough.The length of the resistor body should be greater than the breakdown length of the high-voltage power supply(i.e.the breakdown length of 10KV power supply is 1 centimeter,and the length of the resistor should be greater than 1 centimeter)

  Some circuits use low resistance high voltage resistors,which only have a high voltage to the ground on the resistor body and do not withstand high voltage at both ends.The length of such high voltage resistors is not very large.Previously,domestically produced high-power resistors were very long,but they were not high-voltage resistors.

  Extended Information

  High voltage electrical equipment in the power system needs to undergo impulse voltage testing before being put into operation to verify its insulation performance under overvoltage.With the development of power technology,the types of test specimens that require impulse voltage testing are increasing.An impulse voltage generator is a high voltage generating device that generates lightning impulse voltage waves and operational overvoltage waves,and is the basic testing equipment in a high-voltage laboratory.
  Characteristics of impulse voltage generator:

  1.The circuit has a small inductance and adopts band stop filtering measures,which can generate standard shock waves under high electrical capacity loads and has a large load capacity.

  2.The voltage utilization coefficient is high,with lightning waves and operation waves not less than 85%and 80%,respectively.

  3.Easy to adjust,easy to operate,good synchronization performance,and reliable operation.

  4.Adopting constant current charging automatic control technology,it has a high degree of automation and strong anti-interference ability.