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What is the function of the stray capacitance of the surge voltage generator body

Apr. 29, 2024

The stray capacitance of the surge voltage generator body can affect the waveform of the surge voltage.
impulse voltage generator
An impulse voltage generator is a high voltage analog signal source, and its output impulse voltage waveform can be used to simulate electrical shocks in various high-voltage switchgear and power systems. Due to unavoidable factors in the design and manufacturing process, there may be a certain amount of stray capacitance inside the surge voltage generator body. These stray capacitors may form complex circuit structures with other components, wires, etc., thereby affecting the shape and amplitude of the impulse voltage waveform.
When designing an impulse voltage generator, it is necessary to consider minimizing the impact of stray capacitance on the circuit as much as possible. High quality capacitors, reasonable layout, and increased shielding can be used to reduce stray capacitance.