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What are the functions of a fully automatic Primary Current Injection Test System

Feb. 28, 2024

  The automatic Primary Current Injection Test System is developed based on a regular Primary Current Injection Test System and is an essential equipment in the power and electrical industry for debugging that requires high current.This device is characterized by its convenient maintenance,superior performance,safe and reliable use,attractive appearance,sturdy and durable structure,and easy mobility.It is a necessary equipment for power supply companies,large factories,metallurgy,power plants,railways,and other departments requiring power maintenance.Utilizing advanced microelectronics processing technology,the entire operation process can be pre-set.The Chinese interface is simple and clear to operate.Once all test items are set,the testing will proceed automatically without the need for manual intervention.Also known as current booster,Primary Current Injection Test System,portable multi-functional Primary Current Injection Test System,intelligent Primary Current Injection Test System,programmable Primary Current Injection Test System,and automatic Primary Current Injection Test System.
  -Date,voltage,current,and time are displayed in four groups of data on a blue 5.7-inch large screen LCD with backlight,providing clear and intuitive readings,simultaneously displaying voltage,current,and time,with various data setting functions.Equipped with a high-speed thermal printer.

  -The start/stop conditions of the time relay can be arbitrarily set.The time range can be set from 1 second to 9999 seconds.

  -High-precision sensors and high-performance 14-bit AD acquisition chip.

  -Touch-touch panel keypad operation,all functions can be set by keypad,enhancing product safety,reliability,and overall intelligence of operation.

  -Optional automatic current rise test,manual current rise test,and impulse current interruption test for flexible and simple operation.

  -Real-time display of output current and time results for clear and intuitive viewing.

  -Comprehensive overcurrent protection,allowing arbitrary setting of target output current value,current limit,and duration.

  -Featuring ground detection and zero return detection functions,ensuring testing can only proceed after grounding and zero return,ensuring safety and reliability.

  -Approximate current rise algorithm,automatically timing the current blocking after reaching the set target output current,and the motor automatically returns to zero after timing completion.

  -If the output current exceeds the set upper limit,the motor will automatically return to zero and trigger an audible and visual alarm.

  -Utilizing a combination of software and hardware anti-interference technology for stable performance,strong anti-interference capability,and adaptation to harsh electromagnetic environments.

  -Automatic error diagnosis for easy problem identification and resolution.

  -Optional remote communication,door interlock alarm,open voltage check interface,etc.

  -Startup display of company name,website,contact phone number,etc.,facilitating company brand promotion and publicity.

  -The product is compact,lightweight,structurally rational,reliable,and durable.