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What are the applications of the complete set of AC Resonant Test System in GIS systems

Apr. 23, 2024

  What are the applications of the complete set of AC Resonant Test System in GIS systems
  After the overall assembly of GIS in the factory,adjustment tests are carried out.Once the tests are passed,GIS is transported to the site for installation in transport units.During transportation,mechanical vibrations and impacts may cause loosening or relative displacement of fasteners inside GIS components or assemblies.

  Errors in processes such as connection and sealing during installation may result in scratches on electrode surfaces or misalignment,leading to surface defects on the electrodes.Dust,conductive particulate impurities,and burrs suspended in the air at the installation site are difficult to clean thoroughly and inspect,potentially causing insulation accidents.Due to limitations in testing equipment and conditions,early GIS products mostly did not undergo strict on-site withstand voltage tests.

  Accident statistics show that while it cannot be guaranteed that GIS subjected to on-site withstand voltage tests will not experience insulation accidents during operation,most accidents occurred in GIS that did not undergo on-site AC withstand voltage tests.Therefore,GIS must undergo on-site withstand voltage tests.

  On-site withstand voltage tests for GIS involve devices such as AC voltage,oscillating operation,and impulse voltage for oscillating lightning impulse voltage tests.AC withstand voltage tests are a common method in on-site withstand voltage tests for GIS,effectively inspecting abnormal electric field structures(such as electrode damage).

  Currently,due to limitations in testing equipment and conditions,on-site testing generally only includes AC withstand voltage tests.