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The voltage level of the Variable Frequency AC Resonant Test System

Apr. 11, 2024

  The application scope of  Variable Frequency AC Resonant Test System is mainly determined by the function of Variable Frequency AC Resonant Test System itself.The functional characteristics of Variable Frequency AC Resonant Test System mainly include the use of orthogonal asynchronous fixed carrier modulation in Variable Frequency AC Resonant Test System,ensuring good output waveform throughout the entire frequency range;Using a dedicated SPWM digital waveform generation chip,with a frequency resolution of 16 bits,the frequency fineness can reach 0.1Hz at 20-300Hz;The power section adopts advanced IPM modules to ensure instrument stability and safety with minimal weight.So,based on the function of Variable Frequency AC Resonant Test System,what are its main applications in?

Variable Frequency AC Resonant Test System

  1.Composition of Variable Frequency AC Resonant Test System

  The Variable Frequency AC Resonant Test System tester and frequency conversion Variable Frequency AC Resonant Test System device mainly consist of a frequency conversion controller,excitation transformer,high-voltage reactor,high-voltage voltage divider,etc.Variable frequency controllers can be divided into two categories:desktop control for 20KW and above,and portable box type for 20KW and below;It consists of a controller and a filter.The main function of a variable frequency controller is to convert 380V or 200V sinusoidal AC power with fixed amplitude and frequency into sine waves with adjustable amplitude and frequency.And provide power for the entire equipment.The function of the excitation transformer is to raise the output voltage of the variable frequency power supply to the appropriate test voltage.The high-voltage reactor L is an important component of the resonant circuit.When the power frequency is equal to 1/(2π√LCX),it undergoes Variable Frequency AC Resonant Test System with the tested sample CX.

  2.The function of Variable Frequency AC Resonant Test System

  ①High stability and reliability.The series resonant system adopts imported power components as the core of power conversion,with stable voltage and frequency output,reasonable electromagnetic compatibility design,and complete protection functions.After multiple tests of high-voltage direct short circuit to ground,the system still remains intact,and also has strong overload capacity.

  ②The automatic tuning function is powerful.When the series resonant system is automatically tuned,it automatically sweeps from 30Hz to 300Hz and displays the sweep curve,allowing users to visually observe the system tuning process;After the frequency sweep is completed,the system performs a fine frequency sweep with a resolution of 0.01Hz within its±5Hz range based on the resonant frequency points initially found during the sweep,and finally precisely locks the resonant frequency.

  ③Support multiple experimental modes.The system supports testing modes such as"automatic tuning+manual voltage regulation","automatic tuning+automatic voltage regulation",and"manual tuning+manual voltage regulation".It is recommended to use the"automatic tuning+manual voltage regulation"mode,which can quickly find the resonance point and control the testing process through manual voltage regulation,resulting in higher safety.

  ④The human-machine interaction interface of the series resonant system is friendly.The setting of experimental parameters,experimental control,and experimental results are displayed on the same screen,which is intuitive and clear,and has automatic timing and operation prompt functions.Full touch screen operation and display,with the function of saving and querying test data.

  ⑤The protection function is complete.Series resonance has zero position protection(when the voltage output control knob is not at zero position,the system is prohibited from starting),overvoltage protection,overcurrent protection,flashover protection and other functions,ensuring the reliability of the system.Author:Boyu Electric Power https://www.bilibili.com/read/cv13561461/Source:bilibili