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Operation methods and steps of AC withstand voltage test Sets

May. 20, 2024

  Before conducting the withstand voltage test on the 10kV high-voltage switchgear AC withstand voltage test Sets,the maximum working current should be calculated based on the capacity and voltage level of different test objects,and the current protector should be adjusted.The test wiring should refer to the relevant connection diagram of the test transformer in the manual of the 10kV high-voltage switchgear AC power frequency withstand voltage test device,and the grounding end should be well grounded(taking the withstand voltage test as an example below).
AC withstand voltage test Sets
  1.Connect the power supply(socket type power supply for box type,terminal type power supply for desktop type),and automatically reduce the voltage of the voltage regulator to the zero position.The zero position switch is closed,and the zero position indicator light(red light)is on(also known as the zero position output status indicator of the voltage regulator);

  2.Press the start button(green),the contactor is engaged,the voltage regulator is energized,and the working indicator light(green)is on at the same time;

  3.After the main circuit starts to power on,press the boost button and the motor slowly and evenly rotates the voltage regulator clockwise.The voltage regulator has voltage output.And closely monitor the instrument reading.When the required high voltage value is reached,press the voltage reduction button and timely press the timing button(yellow).At this time,the digital time relay will display the time in sequence(timing unit is"s",seconds).When the set time is reached,the control box(table)will sound and light an alarm.Rotate the voltage regulator handle in the opposite direction in a timely manner until the voltage regulator returns to zero,and release the timing button;

  4.During the boosting or voltage withstand test,if there is a short circuit,flashover,breakdown or other overcurrent,the current relay protection will trip,and the voltage regulator will automatically cut off power,indicating that the tested product is unqualified.At this time,the voltage regulator should be reset to zero,the power supply should be cut off,and the tested product should be inspected.