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Impulse voltage generator in high voltage engineering

Mar. 21, 2024

  In high voltage engineering,an impulse voltage generator is used to generate high voltage impulses for testing the insulation strength of electrical equipment.The generator typically consists of a high voltage source,a charging system,a switching device,and a measuring system.
impulse voltage generator
  The impulse voltage generator works by charging a high voltage capacitor using the charging system and then discharging it through the switching device to create a high voltage impulse.This impulse is applied to the equipment under test to determine its insulation performance and withstand capability.

  The voltage impulse generated by the generator is characterized by its peak voltage,rise time,duration,and waveform.These parameters are crucial in evaluating the insulation properties of the equipment and ensuring its safe and reliable operation under high voltage conditions.

  Mathematically,the peak voltage of the impulse generated by the generator can be calculated using the formula:



  -$V_{text{peak}}$is the peak voltage of the impulse

  -$Q$is the charge stored in the capacitor

  -$C$is the capacitance of the capacitor

  Impulse voltage generators play a critical role in high voltage testing and are essential for ensuring the reliability and safety of electrical equipment operating in high voltage environments.