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How to use Pd-Free AC Resonant Test Systems to conduct tests on transformers

Feb. 04, 2024

  To test the transformer using the Pd-Free AC Resonant Test Systems,follow these steps:
Pd-Free AC Resonant Test System
  1.Connect the transformer:Firstly,correctly connect the transformer to be tested to the Pd-Free AC Resonant Test Systeme.Ensure the connection is correct to avoid equipment damage or safety hazards.

  2.Set test parameters:Based on the transformer's specifications and the parameters to be tested,set the frequency,voltage,and other relevant parameters of the Pd-Free AC Resonant Test Systeme.These parameters will help the transformer and the test device to reach a resonant state.

  3.Start the test:Start the Pd-Free AC Resonant Test Systeme and begin the test.During the test,monitor the transformer's response and performance,including parameters such as inductance and losses.

  4.Data recording and analysis:During the test,record the test data and perform analysis.By analyzing the data,the transformer's performance can be evaluated,issues can be identified,and adjustments can be made.

  5.Conclusion and report:Draw conclusions based on the test results and write a test report.The report should include the purpose of the test,test methods,test results,and conclusions.

  By following these steps,the Pd-Free AC Resonant Test Systeme can be used to comprehensively test the transformer,ensuring that its performance and parameters meet the requirements.