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Control circuit of Variable Frequency Series AC Resonant Test System

Apr. 07, 2024

  Control circuit of Variable Frequency Series AC Resonant Test System
Variable Frequency Series AC Resonant Test System
  1.Remote control can be achieved through optical fibers,and the controlled distance can be adjusted based on the length of the fiber;

  2.It has manual testing/automatic tuning/automatic testing modes that can be switched freely.Automatic tuning and automatic boosting:Display the"automatic tuning and automatic boosting status",lock the frequency after tuning,and display the frequency value after tuning.In the automatic tuning process:first,automatically pre apply the variable frequency power supply to output 10V and automatically tune.At this time,the high voltage is the maximum value point.At 50%of the test voltage,the frequency is automatically adjusted again,and then the voltage is raised to the test voltage.The sequence of automatic boosting:After automatic tuning is completed,when the voltage is below 75%of the test voltage,boost according to 5-10%U test/second.When it is greater than 75%,increase the voltage by 2%U test per second.

  3.Equipped with coarse and fine adjustment buttons for pressure increase and decrease;

  4.Equipped with frequency coarse and fine adjustment buttons;

  5.Automatic and manual test selection(can set test voltage,test time,automatic tuning,automatic boosting and lowering,etc.);

  6.Equipped with overvoltage protection and overcurrent protection setting value adjustment functions;

  7.It has a pressure countdown time setting,a timing start button,a timing time range of 0-99 minutes,and an accuracy of±1 second.