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AC Resonant Test System On Wheels

Jan. 25, 2024

The AC Resonant Test System on Wheels is a portable and versatile testing equipment used for high voltage testing of electrical equipment such as transformers, cables, and other power system components. This system is designed to generate high voltage AC power at a specific frequency to determine the insulation integrity and performance of the equipment under test.
AC Resonant Test System
The system typically consists of a variable frequency AC power supply, a resonant tank circuit, and a control unit mounted on a mobile platform with wheels for easy transportation and maneuverability. The resonant tank circuit is used to amplify the output voltage and provide a stable and controllable power source for the test.

The mobility of the system allows it to be easily transported to different testing locations, making it suitable for on-site testing of large and stationary electrical equipment. The system can be used for routine maintenance testing, commissioning tests, and diagnostic testing to ensure the reliability and safety of the electrical infrastructure.

Overall, the AC Resonant Test System on Wheels provides a convenient and efficient solution for conducting high voltage tests in various industrial and utility applications. Its portability and flexibility make it a valuable tool for electrical engineers and technicians involved in the testing and maintenance of power systems.