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A complete set of impulse voltage generator devices

Mar. 19, 2024

  The impulse voltage generator is mainly used for conducting impulse voltage tests on power equipment and other test objects,including full wave lightning impulse voltage,cut-off lightning impulse voltage,and operating impulse voltage,to test insulation performance.
impulse voltage generator
  A complete set of impulse voltage(current)testing devices for various capacities of the 100-10000kV series.And can provide a variety of waveform series complete sets of impulse voltage(current)generators.The impact test device mainly consists of a generator body,a cut-off wave,a voltage divider,a four component control console(which is divided into microcomputer and ordinary types),a digital waveform recording system,and so on.

  1.The circuit inductance is small and bandgap filtering measures are adopted,which can generate standard shock waves under high electrical capacity loads and have a large load capacity;

  2.The voltage utilization coefficient is high,with lightning waves and operation waves not less than 85%and 80%respectively;

  3.Easy to adjust,easy to operate,good synchronization performance,and reliable operation;

  4.Adopting constant current charging automatic control technology,with high degree of automation and strong anti-interference ability;

  A power supply device that mimics lightning and overvoltage surges.Mainly used in insulation impulse withstand voltage and dielectric impulse breakdown,discharge and other tests.

  The standard waveform of impulse voltage for insulation testing shall be in accordance with the international and national standards of High Voltage Testing Technology:

  Lightning shock wave T1/T2=1.2/50μS

  Operating shock wave Tcr/T2=250/2500μS