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HV AC Hipot and Partial Discharge Comprehensive Test System

Dielectric Hipot Tester
HV Hipot Tester
Hipot Insulation Tester

Product Description


HMGTU series partial discharge high voltage test system is suitable for high voltage test, big capacity GIS power equipment insulated withstand voltage test, partial discharge test and GIS transformer accuracy test.It can complete partial discharge test under normal circumstances, the general background discharge can be less than 5Pc.


  1. The PD high voltage test system is small and available in minimal space,Components are light in weight.
  2. The PD level of the whole system is controlled below 5 PC.
  3. All high voltage parts are encapsulated in airtight space to ensure high safety of operators.
  4. Built-in high voltage isolating switch, which can separate interface of multiple test products, to ensure safety of high voltage test.


  1. Voltage grade : 10OkV, 200kV, 250kV, 300kV, 500kV, 750kV, 10OOkV
  2. Capacity : 50-2000kVA
  3. All methods of boost voltage are one level voltage boost,no need to cascade boost voltage Input voltage: 0.35-10kV
  4. Partial discharge capacity: 1 PC under rated voltage (normal environment)
  5. Impedance voltage: 5%
  6. Temperature rise: no more than 65k (50Hz)