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The main functions and characteristics of tAC Resonant Test System

Apr. 18, 2024

  The AC Resonant Test System is mainly used for 220KV and below substations,and can meet the AC withstand voltage test of transformers,GIS systems,SF6 switches,cables,bushings,etc.Insulation and voltage withstand tests for high-voltage bushings,transformers,and busbars.The AC Resonant Test System mainly consists of four parts:frequency conversion control power supply,excitation transformer,reactor,and capacitor voltage divider.Can be configured according to on-site requirements.
  The main functions and characteristics of the AC Resonant Test System:

  1.The internal control of the embedded touch screen operation function has been optimized for simple operation

  2.Automatic frequency scanning,searching for a resonance point.The frequency variation range is 20-300HM,and the scanning range can be manually set.The maximum working time for scanning is 1.5 minutes(full frequency scanning).The frequency resolution is 0.01HM

  3.Automatic testing,users can set testing programs,and the system automatically completes the testing process based on the set program

  4.When conducting automatic experiments,the resonance status of the automatic tracking management system can be tracked.When the resonance status changes beyond the set area,the system can automatically track the resonance point.Throughout the teaching process,it is necessary to ensure that the information system research work is in the output state,and the frequency voltage curve is drawn during frequency modulation.

  5.Automatically track the withstand voltage,and the voltage is automatically adjusted to the target voltage based on normal voltage fluctuations in the test case,operated by the user

  6.Full voltage output for protection:During the voltage regulation process,it is strictly required to ensure that the system's variable frequency power supply will not output full voltage signals

  7.After strict testing,the simulation software runs safely,stably,and reliably

  8.Automatically save experimental research data,data information query system function,and query past experimental data according to student query conditions;

  9.LCD display can display the voltage and current of the power supply;The frequency,voltage,and current of high-voltage output

  10.Protection function:With power outage,overcurrent,overvoltage,and flashover protection functions