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1. High voltage test set-no partial discharge test equipment

No Partial discharge test equipment,is mainly designed and manufactured for partial discharge test and power frequency voltage withstand test of cable, generator,transformer,GIS,CTPT and insulation materials.

The no partial discharge test equipment has different specification to meet the requirements of voltage withstand for electrical equipment in various voltage level and capacity. We can custom it according to client’s requirements.

2.AC voltage withstand test set- series resonance voltage withstand test set.

Series resonance voltage withstand test device has the characteristics of flexible output voltage,high-accuracy measurement, safe and reliable , etc. It has been widely used in AC voltage withstand test for high-voltage and large-capacity electrical equipment.

3. Primary current injection tester--large current generator

Primary current injection tester- large current generator is a necessary equipment for

all walks of life need large current place in electrical commissioning, mainly used in power plants,substations,electrical manufacturing factor and scientific research laboratory,and other units .It is applied in protective device inspection,secondary circuit current test ,current transformer test,circuit breaker tester,other current loaded tests and temperature-rise tests.